XSite Pro2 Review An All In One Web Site Develoment Tool

Does XSite Pro 2 deliver?

Many new people are coming on line looking for a good web authoring product. If you are new to the Internet you want to know what You can use that does a good job and is easy to use.

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If you are an experienced Internet Marketer you want a website design product that is easy to use and provides advanced features.

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I have used both versions of XSite Pro and I do like XSite Pro 2. It is easy to use and has many advanced features.

Here it is in a nutshell, XSitePro in an incredibly powerful, full-blown web site development tool. Development tool is the keyword here. Site Pro 2 goes way beyond web page editing software.

So who is this product for?

  • The beginner
  • Business Owners
  • Power Users
  • Educational Users
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Adsense Site Builders
  • Website Designers
  • Information Marketers

There are 88 reasons that XSite Pro 2 is the answer to all of your website development needs, I will only list 12 of them here.

  • Designed for stability and scalability
  • Full V1.x backward compatibility
  • Well thought-through, attractive interface
  • Create unlimited websites
  • Unique Project Management Workspace
  • Hundreds of *NEW* website templates
  • Global Site Design Control
  • True WYSIWYG Panel Designers
  • Full Page Navigation / Interlinking
  • New graphical navigation menus
  • Advanced Page Settings: Page Layout Settings
  • Advanced Page Settings: Scripts

These are just a few of the reasons Click here to see more features for XSite Pro 2.

The beginner will find this to be an all in one web site builder that they are able to use quickly. There is awesome training that will show you how you can use this product today. As you gain more experience you will find how powerful this product is. It has built in features that make XSitePro 2 much more that a web site builder or HTML editor. You can manage hundreds of web sites with this program.

Xsitepro is a great piece of software that is widely used and here ae some of the features that users love about it.

  • Easy to use web building interface
  • Simple CMS menu for adding content
  • Customized template styling options
  • Source code flexibility
  • Simple FTP functionality
  • Desktop access
  • Affiliate management
  • Adsense capability
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly code
  • Fast loading pgaes
  • High ranking results
  • Import functions
  • File Management for PDF’s and Zip’s
  • Renaming Capability
  • Page Tile and Meta menus for easy SEO
  • Automated navigation linking for internal pages
  • External linking capability
  • Export Functions
  • Redirect capability
  • Spider and Robot management
  • SiteMap creation
  • Pop-In options

The experienced user will find XSite Pro 2 to be easy to use you can generate god looking websites very quickly. With the advanced features of XSite Pro 2 you are able to tweak the site right there and configure it to be SEO (Search Engine Optimized) ready and reader friendly.

So does XSitePro 2 deliver, I will give this product a must have for beginners and experienced users.

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XSit Pro 2 is a must have tool that has many advanced features that make it an all in one web site development tool.

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