Rating Dominator A FREE powerful WordPress Web 2.0 plug-in

Attention: Affiliate Marketers, AdSense Publishers, and Bloggers!

Power Blogging Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is here Rating Dominator will put the power of Web 2.0 to work for you.

Do you want to ride the wave of the next generation of websites?

Let’s take a look at what rating dominator is and what it can do for you.

First we will talk about Jason DeVelis. Jason is a great marketer that has brought Rating Dominator to us.

He has put together a set of videos and a set by step guide that walks you through the process of setting it up and configuring Rating Dominator.These videos and the guide are very easy to follow and complete.

Jason is also very talented and offers templates that will load right into your WordPress theme.

Listen, I really like it when I score like this. That’s why I am getting this out to you.

Rating Dominator will assist you in harnessing the power of Web 2.0.

Rating Dominator is a WordPress plug-in that turns your WordPress blog into a full, Web 2.0-style ratings/review site.

It’s a great tool for:

Affiliate Marketers – You can list products, features, benefits, etc, and use your affiliate link. Then, have your visitors review the products as they buy them. Social proof plays a big part here, as does psychology – people want their opinions to be heard, and people want to research a product before buying.

AdSense publishers – The SEO implications of a blog are well known, and adding content regularly is great, as well. Rating Dominator takes both of those into consideration, and then throws repeat visitors on top of that. Set up the site, post some reviews, and let your visitors go to town!

Regular bloggers – Most bloggers, even those who aren’t thinking about making money with their blog, want real feedback about their posts – that’s why you’re posting, right? So this plugin allows you to give their readers an easy system to give that feedback – and that way, using the ratings, you can better target your posts”.

What Rating Dominator will do for you is turn your wordpress blog into exactly what it was meant to be, a powerful platform where your friends and visitors can really interact and be a part of your blog community.

Rating Dominator will keep you friends and visitors coming back. It almost forces them to participate becoming a part of your community. They will almost always tell there friends about you blog.

Get over to Rating Dominator and put the power into you wordpress blog.

Me being the entrepreneur that I am I tried all of Jason’s products right then. I have also put them to work and of course increasing my conversion rates.

PS. Getting Jason’s products led me to Blogs For Traffic which taught me somethings very important things about my blog that put them on the map. If you check them out do it after you buy Rating Dominator.

Blogs For Traffic will walk you through the process of configuring your blog with more powerful plug-ins and get the search engines to see them driving SEO type traffic to you blogs.

You will really increase your blog ranking and visibility.

Get on over there =>> Rating Dominator is FREE – you will get full set of videos and instructions.

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Power Blogging - Web 2.0

Jason Delevis has other great products as well.

You will see that they can and will put money in your pockets and power in your website. Blogging just got a whole lot easier.

Be heard share and let us know what you think.

This is not a total Internet Marketing solution, however it is a powerful tool and the training is top of the line. I will give it a high rating!

For the simple fact that it brings a powerful dimension to our Websites.Сувенири

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