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I didn’t know how good it could be until I made my move with.

I had been limping along for a couple of years before I made my move. I was making money online but I was really putting time in too many time consuming tasks that I really didn’t want or need to be doing.The learning curve was huge and didn’t need to be.

You see I tried to go the cheap route and I ended up spending time with tasks that were not relevant to my revenue model.

How much is your time worth?

Is there a big difference between $3.00 a month and $7.00?

Yes at $3.00 dollars a month you miss out on more family time and revenue.

Heck I blow $7.00 on a coffee!

I come from a technical background. But after the move I realized that I didn’t need to work so hard at the hosting part of my business.

  • The ease of servicing is very refreshing.
  • The pricing is great.
  • The uptime is great.
  • The available options are great.

Just having piece of mind and additional options to run my business make the pricing even more valuable.

I now spend my time on more important events family, sharing with others and revenue building activities. I pay about $7.00 a month. Well I pay by the year.

I host a several domains and now I can add more, my account comes with unlimited add on domains. More business more fun!

I know there are many different options out there for hosting and I will give HostGator a HIGH rating. For the price I feel you can’t beat them.

My blogs are up and running and the setup was extremely easy. A couple of click and they were done. Blogs are fun and powerful tools. Do you have one you should?

Hostgator has really showed me what a great hosting service is all about.

I only regret one thing I should have found them sooner.

Feel free to check out HostGator.

This coupon was current at the time that I posted this use it and put your business on the fast track Coupon Code: hgc25.
I saved a little under $10.00 using it.

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